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Struggling to conceive?


Worried you have left it too late to get pregnant naturally?


Do you believe IVF may be your only option?


Health and Happiness fertility nutrition supports women before, during and after pregnancy to facilitate a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth, for both mother and baby.

I offer a natural solution, for women who want to balance hormones, restore and boost their natural fertility. Having healed my own ‘infertility’ naturally,¬†after many years of treatment, I understand first hand the stress and pain that comes with such a diagnosis.

I offer coaching and packaging at all stages of pre-conception and pregnancy:

  • boosting fertility
  • healing ‘unexplained infertility’, or conditions such as PCOS
  • weight loss before IVF
  • supporting the IVF process with nutrition
  • pregnancy nutrition coaching
  • post-natal support including nutrition for breast-feeding, energy, weight-management
  • New mum nutrition MOT