Amy Huggins

Amy Huggins

My mission is to empower women like you, to take control of your body and restore your innate and natural fertility.

Firstly, a confession. I haven’t always been healthy. In fact for the most of my life my health was firmly at the bottom of my list of priorities.
In my twenties, I lived a fast paced and hedonistic life. My life goals were to work hard enough to get the corner office, and to spend the weekends partying suitably hard enough to convince myself I was happy.

True to the human condition, I only realised the immense value of my health (and fertility), when having neglected it for so long, I risked compromising it forever.

Having recently married, I expected to fall pregnant immediately. When this did not happen l consulted my doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS. This was a devastating diagnosis for me, as I had dreamt of having a family since I’d been a little girl.
Subsequently I spent years over 5 years in the medical system, having invasive operations and taking many courses of synthetic hormones in an attempt to kick start my ovulation.

None of the doctors seemed to know what to do with my ‘unexplained infertility’. They said I had PCOS, yet I had none of the other typical characteristics,  so they simply increased the dosage of drugs. Eventually I was referred for IVF.

After this cycle resulted in miscarriage, I changed my perspective, relinquished control and instead began to focus on nutrition and naturopathic techniques to heal my body.

Using healing foods and complimentary naturopathic techniques to manage my condition, I was overjoyed when my periods which had been absent for 5 years returned, and my doctor confirmed that my PCOS had been reversed. Miraculously after a short period focused on nutritional healing, supported by just 4 sessions of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, I fell pregnant easily and naturally.

I trained to be a Nutritionist, and latterly and Biomagentic Pair Therapist , not only to heal myself but to enable me to help as many women as possible achieve their dream of motherhood.

My fertility journey has been incredibly stressful and traumatic, and yet I consider it a gift, as I came to discover the truth about how our bodies really work. Miraculous healing is possible when we work with our bodies, and my goal is to help facilitate that healing in as many women as possible.



What I do

I work with women who have been diagnosed with infertility (failing to conceive after 1 year of trying), who want to improve their fertility, heal their bodies and conceive.

For those women who elect to undergo IVF, I offer tailored nutritional support, to support the body during this process, improving chances of a successful cycle.

Conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis are on the rise, as is ‘unexplained infertility’ with more and more women struggling to become pregnant..

Contrary to popular belief, the body can reverse infertility naturally if given the right conditions. If you are failing to fall pregnant there is an underlying reason, which must be addressed, to give you the optimal chance of a healthy, happy pregnancy. Your body always work in your best interests. By working with body, using the right nutrition and naturopathic techniques, your innate and natural gift of fertility will be restored.

I am also a qualified Biomagentic Pair Therapist. This groundbreaking and revolutionary treatment was pivotal in my own natural conception, and I have helped many women discover and heal the cause of their infertility, as well as get pregnant, using this wonderful therapy.

I am passionate about empowering women to take control of their fertility. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss me helping you.


Amy x