There are many great ironies in life, but non greater than the great fertility conundrum.

You spend all of your twenties doing absolutely everything in your power to avoid getting pregnant. Pregnancy is your nemesis. Something your mother and all of your teenage magazines had convinced you, you could catch more easily than a cold.
You fastidiously managed your contraception plans, knowing that a dose of anti-biotics could scupper the protection of your pill, and when there was the occasional slip up, you made sure you made the walk of shame to the chemist to collect your morning after pill. Better to be safe than sorry after all.

And now here you are as a newly married thirty something actively trying to get ‘caught out’, it doesn’t seem quite as easy as everyone had made out to ‘get caught out’.
You are tackling this project with your usual gusto and dedication. You’ve bought bumper packs of ovulation tests, you’ve scheduled regular enthusiastic love making sessions, (at the very least 3 times a week, to husbands delight), and you even often finish up with a yogic shoulder stand to help those swimmers on their way…but still nothing.

Each month the reassuring dull ache of your womb signifies that ‘aunt flo’ is here again to scupper your plans of motherhood. And now to make things even worse, after 12 months of trying (or TTC as they call it on the fertility forums, you’ve started lurking on), you now have the label of ‘infertile’ to wear, which cruelly highlights your inability to succeed at this surely the most effortless and natural female feats.

Infertility is classified as lack of pregnancy after a year of unprotected sex. It is reported that 1 in 6 couples will struggle to conceive.  For a generation of thirty something women who have achieved everything they have ever wanted in life, from the corner office to the walk in wardrobe, pregnancy eludes them.

If you are struggling to conceive naturally, and are worried that you have left it too late, fertility nutrition can help you restore your natural fertility, working with your body to boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Naturopathic techniques work with, not against your body to uncover the root cause, resulting in transformational shifts in a relatively short time frame.

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