“I was nervous about embarking on a fertility detox, as I love my cake and prosecco, but Amy supported me fully throughout the process. My results were balanced hormones, improved sleep and energy, and 6lbs weight loss. I learnt so much about nutrition and its impact on fertility. Shortly after my cleanse I became pregnant and welcomed my beautiful baby boy 9 months later.”


37 Cheshire

“I had been diagnosed with PCOS which was very upsetting for me as I was newly married and desperate to start a family. After working with Amy, my irregular periods, became regular and I was able to track my ovulation dates. The process changed my relationship with food completely. After a few months of my new regime I became pregnant and gave birth to my darling son.”


34 Hertfordshire

“Having being diagnosed with endometriosis and having extremely irregular periods, I contacted Amy as a last resort before exploring IVF. After a few months of following the fertility plan, my periods had returned, and my overall health and energy had improved dramatically. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter the following year.”


36 Bedfordshire